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Get it free! What exactly? Design Advice from the experts at 12 Point Design, of course.

12PD Recommends

Color Wheel Pro is a unique software program that allows you to see color theory in action. With Color Wheel Pro, you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples.

Adobe Dreamweaver - this is more than a glorified text editor. Version 8 introduces some excellent new features like selective code-collapse, pixel-precision guides, and quick access to "snippets", and maintains the historic standbys that made it great: regular expression-based search and replace, outstanding site management, spell check and customized system integration (for things like WinMerge and Photoshop).

VMWare Player is a free virtualization tool that enables you to run additional operating systems "inside" your current operating system, through a windowed interface. The beauty here is that it lets you test your sites on alternative platforms and browsers as easily as opening your existing browser. VMWare isn't limited to web-browsing, either.

DQSD isn't "exactly" what one would call a web development tool or application, but the "floax" function enables you to code your own scripted actions which are as accessible to you as your mouse. I use it for things like converting the text on the clipboard to list items or paragraphs or quick-sorting it with a click of a button. And since it's all script, you can make your own do anything you can do in javascript or vbscript. As an added bonus, DQSD also includes the abilities, out of the box, to search nearly 400 search engines directly. Type, enter, you're there.

Selecting the Perfect Domain
Selecting a domain is your first step to creating your online identity. What you choose will often be the first impression others have of you, and can make or break your online business before you put a dime into it. No pressure, though.

URL Canonicalization
Canonicalization is a loaded word and most people can't get past the pronunciation, much less the meat of the subject. In this context you can safely treat it the same as 'authoritative.' The object of canonicalization is to determine the 'most perfect' address for a resource.

Who is Selling Your E-mail Address?
If you have a computer and you surf the net, you have spam. The problem has escalated out of control in recent years. Most people have turned to spam filters that are less than perfect but better than nothing.

Dashes vs. Underscores - The best word separator in URL naming
One of the more common discussions on website development forums revolves around whether to use dashes or underscores (or something else) as word separators in file names. Most developers advocate one or the other based on their own experiences with search engines and what they've read and seen others promote. It's my turn.


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