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The web development team at 12 Point Design has worked on a variety of web projects and assisted other developers in even more. We've also designed specific aspects of pages and sites for people that needed assistance, such as 'back end' processing systems and database tools. Lastly, our designs use a very simple and consistent file structure (not layout) which enables our clients to update the content with little or no web design experience.

Our design team is skilled in creating sharp, professional designs, which are search engine optimized (SEO), to help you reach your target audience as quickly as possible.

Our Newest Example Sites

Here are a few example sites using the Templating Engine:

Example Sites

Here are a few example sites using WordPress:

Site samples:

Our own website, 12 Point Design, serves to showcase many of our custom design features. Here we have successfully joined functionality, versatility and useablity in a skillfully designed, unique array of eye appealing presentations. 


Local Homeschool.com displays the versatility of a database driven design combined with user functionality. The forms are intuitive and designed with useability in mind. With over 5 1/2 million page views to date. 

Local Homeschool.com 

Cranial Laser & Neurolymphatic Release Techniques is designed to highlight the benefits of this amazing new technology. The tracing laser beam is created with an easy to use technique that does not rely on flash to function. 


Mother Lode K9 Training has a rich blend of colors and images to create a wonderful treat for the eyes. This unique color combination is both memorable and appealing, the matching business cards creating a winning combination. 

Mother Lode K9 

The Therapy Dog Program Calendar of Visits provides our client with the flexiblity she needed to be able to display her rotating visitation schedule, yet be simple enough to manage herself. We were able to do both. 

Mother Lode K9 Therapy Calendar 

Kidjacked Education & Resource Network blends soft color and ease of navigation to create an eye appealing social network that is well indexed by search engines. This successful venture has had more than 1.2 million page views. 


Reliable Answers News and Commentary has been a labor of love for us these past 8 years. It contains a hodge podge of programming helps, political diatribes, homeschooling information and child welfare concerns. With over 12 1/2 million page views to date 

Reliable Answers.com 

Reliable Answers.com presents it's first online video presentation called, "Heating With Peat". This educational composition, complete with transcript will inform and entertain your young homeschoolers. 

Falkland Island Tours 

This decorative site uses strong colors, a bold design concept and a dark background to highlight the beauty of these colorful holiday items.  


We revised this site and converted it to use our Templating Engine, exposing RSS feeds, native search and sitewide advertising systems. 


This consumer advocacy website is an example of what can be accomplished using the templating engine, by someone with virtually no web design skills. The site is functional, plain jane, yet patriotic. 

Off The Shelf 

Designed to present the creative and colorful world of young children, to encourage and support mothers to raise their own. 

Universal Preschool 

This brightly colored blog works seamlessly with the other site features to create an eye appealing, yet functional addition to this user friendly site. 

Universal Preschool Blog - Down With UP 

Twain Harte Information and Photo Gallery was an early attempt to combine automated slideshows with the templating engine. This site was created with the intention of sharing pictures with family across the country. 

Twain Harte Info 

PUP is an example of a simple design idea that can be created on the fly. The logo is a soft blend of pink for girls - blue for boys and gets the authors message across quickly and succinctly. 

Parents United for Preschoolers 

Combining eye pleasing color schemes with functionality and design was the goal behind this presentation. 


Terminator 2 meets Vegas in this bold and daring web project. Zeal Systems color scheme combined with plenty of extras make this site a hit. 

Zeal Systems, Inc. 

The Sierra Mountain Times was an attempt at creating a broad 'local' newspaper for the motherlode and surrounding areas. 

Sierra Mountain Times 

This site builds upon the Templating Engines features to provide categorical links to free and low-cost homeschooling resources. Designed for easy of maintenance. 

Budget Homeschool 

Common Censor is a family-friendly Internet privacy and blocking service. Created to provide a simply and friendly user interface. 

Common Censor 

Laszlo's Gourmet Smoked Fish is a staple and a delicacy in Old Town Sacramento. 

Laszlo's Smoked Fish 

The Summit Chiropractic color scheme combines a soothing array of browns with soft greens added to compliment this eye pleasing design. 

Summit Chiropractic 

A clean and colorful effeminate design for the personal home page of Shay Seaborne. 

Synergy Field 

Annette was entitled to this simple and effective design for her new blog, built on the 12Point Blogging Engine. 

Annette Says 

This patriotic design highlights valuable information homeschooling parents considering legal representation will find helpful. 

Homeschooling Is Legal 

The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers website provided us with a chance to redesign their existing site. This site features a new rounded look to highlight special items of interest, we added a more functional menu structure and streamlined the site 

Va Homeschoolers 

A Chicago-based charity, "The Caring Closet." Designed to highlight the many services, which are offered to low-income residents in the Hyde Park area. 

The Caring Closet 

A local Internet event calendar providing extensive functionality coupled with a user friendly format. 

The Doorknob 

Resource Utilization Engine - Here CHN's vendor hall was mapped out and provided color-coded data to vendor's, event planners and attendee's alike. This at-a-glance look is both eye pleasing and functional. 

California Homeschool Network 

This site provided extensive homeschooling resources. 12 Point Design was able to provide extensive search capabilities by converting to a database system in order to better manage the content. 

California Homeschool Network 

Search Incentive was developed as a scalable and intelligent PPC Search Engine. 

Search Incentive 

SaferPC had it's humble beginnings with an article on Reliable Answers.com website. It was designed to easily answer novice questions regarding computer viruses. 


It's not enough to have a webpage. You need a website. Our experience across media provides us with the ability to offer a total service package, including webdesign & hosting, logo, business card and letterhead design, all to help cement your identity in your customers and visitors minds.
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