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The web development team at 12 Point Design has worked on a variety of web projects and assisted other developers in even more. We've also designed specific aspects of pages and sites for people that needed assistance, such as 'back end' processing systems and database tools. Lastly, our designs use a very simple and consistent file structure (not layout) which enables our clients to update the content with little or no web design experience.

Our design team is skilled in creating sharp, professional designs, which are search engine optimized (SEO), to help you reach your target audience as quickly as possible.

Our Newest Example Sites

Here are a few example sites using the Templating Engine:

Example Sites

Here are a few example sites using WordPress:

Terminator 2 meets Vegas in this bold and daring web project. Zeal Systems color scheme combined with plenty of extras make this site a hit.

Zeal Systems' website was designed using active server pages, moderate flash and a very active color-scheme. The client wanted their site to be a mix between Las Vegas and Terminator 2, and we delivered with a metallic-blue base design and highly interactive elements including navigation buttons, float-over menus, scrolling headlines, and various flashing and cycling lighting effects. By keeping a reduced primary color-scheme as our focus we were able to weave the whole into a single entity, eliminating the seams that might otherwise have distracted visitors.

Zeal Systems, Inc.


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