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Service Directory and Plan Guide

Hosting Plans*

  Circle Line Triangle Square Star Starburst
Monthly Rate - - $25 $38 $75 $150
Annual Rate $45 $113 $225 $375 $750 $1,500
Set-up Fee $20 $20 $20 $20 $50 $50
Space 5 mb 25 mb 100 mb 250 mb 1 gb 10 gb
Bandwidth 1 gb 5 gb 10 gb 50 gb 100 gb 1 tb

All plans include the following features:

  • Web-Hosting
    • Server-Side Scripting
      • ASP
      • ASP.NET
      • PHP
      • PERL
      • SSI
  • Custom Error Pages (Static or Script) and the powerful 12PointDesign Error Management System
  • Custom Search Engine (Powered by Google)
  • Other Code/File Capabilities*
    • ActiveX
    • CSS
    • DHTML
    • HTML
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • PerlScript
    • RDF
    • RSS
    • Text
    • VBScript
    • WAP
    • XHTML
    • XML
    • *To be perfectly honest, it is - at the very least, disingenuous, and at the worst, downright dishonest - to imply that these abilities are "available on the server," since this "code" (which are simply static files returned to the browser/client) could be run on ANY server in the world, regardless of provider. They are listed here only to comfort those less experienced souls who are only now venturing into the world of web design.
  • Media Files
    • Flash
    • Midi
    • MP3
    • RealAudio
    • RealVideo
    • WAV
    • Windows Media
  • Email Services
    • SMTP
    • IMAP
    • POP3
    • WebMail
    • Server-Side Spam Filtering
    • WebBased Email Account Management
    • Catch-All Email Address
    • Unlimited* Email Accounts
    • Unlimited* Email Forwarders
    • Unlimited* Domains
    • Unlimited* Email Aliases
    • Unlimited* Email Lists**
    • Unlimited* Email Groups**
    • *The only limitation to the number of accounts, aliases and forwarders you may have is the amount of disk-space allocated to you. Each Account and Forwarder requires a minimum of 1mb of space allocated, though each Account/Fowarder can then have as many Aliases as they want; Aliases take no space; the CatchAll account is the ULTIMATE 'Alias' account in that you do not need to explicitly create the account before-hand. This can be used VERY effectively to reduce the amount of spam you get and track sources for where unsolicited email came from.
    • **Lists and Groups MUST be "double-opt-in." You may NOT use this service for sending UCE or Spam. A List is a collection of 'blind' email addresses that will receive email from anyone who sends email to listname@example.com; a Group is similar except that the Group members are the only ones that may email the groupname@example.com address. In other words, groups are an effective way for an INTERNAL/PRIVATE discussion group to function, while lists are a good means of ensuring that all necessary recipients of an email receive the email from the start - for example, sales@example.com might actually be a list address that sends email to sue@example.com, joe@example.com and manager@example.com - so when ANYONE sends email to sales@example.com all parties receive the email and the first available recipient can respond.
  • Database Access
    • MS Access
    • MS Excel
    • MySQL
    • Text/CSV
    • XML
    • dBase
    • Paradox
    • Visual FoxPro
    • MS SQL Server
  • FTP
    • 1 FTP account is created during setup.
    • Additional accounts will be provided at your request (no reasonable request will be refused).
  • DNS
    • Unlimited Domains
    • Unlimited Subdomains
    • Free Subdomain Redirection Services*
    • *You must purchase the Dedicated IP Option ($100/yr) in order to use this aspect of the service
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Server (SSL)*
    • TLS/SSL is provided free with all accounts.
  • Support
  • Other
    • For your safety and security we do not include Frontpage Extensions on our servers at all. If you need Frontpage Extensions please find a less secure server. Custom DLL/COM objects are allowed when provided as Source. Our technicians will review the code and compile the library for you. If the code is determined to be unsafe or insecure it will be rejected. This determination *may* be made at any point before or after registration of the object (particularly if it is determined to be the source of memory leaks or potential server compromise). If your code does not require a HWND then using ASP.NET is a far better solution than custom DLL registration in almost every scenario, with a WSC being your second-best alternative.
    • Our servers are connected to the Internet by 10 different backbone providers including AboveNet, Allegiance Telecom, AT&T, Broadwing, Global Crossing, Level 3, Sprint, Time Warner, Verio, and UUNet for 15Gbps of redundant bandwidth.


As you can see, the only limitation to your plan is your willingness to explore the capabilities we provide to you. The only difference the 'plans' provide is the amount of disk space included (which effectively limits the number or email accounts, size of database and size of website you may ultimately have). The more expensive plans provide more space and more transfer. That's almost it.

The Fine Print

  • Bandwidth is tabulated on a month-to-month basis, including both up and down transfer. Accounts that exceed their bandwidth allotments will not be disabled unless it is by a gross margin. We will make every reasonable attempt to contact you for plan adjustments if your excess usage warrants. However, if the excess usage is by a gross margin we reserve the right to disable your site or services.
  • Space allocation is in real kb/mb/gb measurements (1024b*x)
  • Setup fee is waived for account transitions (ie; migrating from a Line to a Star)
  • Payment must be received no later than the cycle anniversary.
  • Payment is accepted by Cash, Check, or PayPal.

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