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Spam Filter

12PointDesign uses the CommonCensor 'Mail Censor' Spam Filtering Service to minimize spam to your inbox. CommonCensor currently blocks over 250,000 source ranges directly and utilizes several additional powerful filtering engines to reduce spam.


Spam is annoying. It's abusive. And it's here to stay. But our service provides a very powerful filtering technology capable of filtering literally millions of known spammer sources using both a direct filtering engine and peer reviewed filter databases.

However, many people use services provided by businesses who are not as obsessive about preventing spam as we are. Those services may host a single spammer and 50,000 well-intentioned and honest websites on the same mail server, effectively causing messages from their organization to bounce. This is not a common occurence, but it does happen, and it should be considered an opportunity to learn more about the provider you have chosen to serve you. Each bounced message includes a link to learn more about why the message was blocked.

A diamond in the rough

It is possible that good mail will be blocked by this service. But it does not have to be.

Though we encourage you to work with your friends, family and business contacts to to resolve spam problems at the source (the sending server of their ISP, webhost or mail service), sometimes this is not possible.

We will help you and the sender determine why any mail that was blocked, was blocked. Please provide the headers from the bounced message or the approximate date and time the message was sent. We'll tell you why and work with you to help the sender fix things on their end.

In situations where the ISP, webhost or mail provider is either inaccessible or incapable of correcting the problems relating to their listing within the filtering service, we will review all requests for whitelisting mail servers from our clients. If someone needs to contact you but is having their mail bounce because of our filtering technology, we can enable mail from them to be delivered.

You also have the option, at your sole discretion, to disable the spam filtering service for your domain. When this option has been set, mail will be delivered to you even when it comes from well-known spammer sources. Consider carefully before making this change, as spam is consistently on the rise. Filtering based on legitimacy of origin is the most effective spam reduction method, and opting out of this feature will inevitably cause a surge in the amount of unsolicited and unwelcome email you receive.

However you choose to receive your email, know that we will support your decision and provide top-notch support to help you make the most of your online experience!


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