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Urchin Web Marketing Platform

Included feature: Urchin v.5

12 Point Design includes Urchin v.5 Web Marking Platform with all of our hosting plans. Urchin a sophisticated web analytics tool provides timely and accurate data to assist you in making savvy business decisions.

Urchin provides a well illustrated, insightful and extensive presentation of your website traffic. You will know with a click of a button how many visitors have browsed your site, exactly how many page views you've had, and how they were referred to your site. The extensive information provided is so valuable, you will wonder how you ever managed your business without it.

12 Point Design provides this $895.00 software program, free of charge to our hosting clients. Stop spending money blindly on internet marketing with hit or miss results. Urchin v.5 Web Marketing Platform allows you to target your marketing dollar easily and effectively.

Urchin v.5 allows you to:

  • Monitor Traffic
    • Sessions Graph
    • Pageviews Graph
    • Hits Graph
    • Bytes Graph
    • Summary
    • Load Balancing
  • Pages & Files
    • Requested Pages
    • Downloads
    • Page Query Terms
    • Posted Forms
    • Status and Errors
    • All Files
    • Directory Drilldown
    • File Types
  • Navigation
    • Entrance Pages
    • Exit Pages
    • Click Paths
    • Click To and From
    • Length of Pageview
    • Depth of Session
    • Length of Session
  • Referrals
    • Referral Drilldown
    • Search Terms
    • Search Engines
    • Referral Erros
  • Domains & Users
    • Domains
    • Domain Drilldown
    • Countries
    • IP Addresses
    • IP Drilldown
  • Browsers & Robots
    • Browsers
    • Platforms
    • Combos
    • Robots

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. Urchin v.5 is so comprehensive in its analytical data, you will find the information provided invaluable to your business efforts.

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