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Changing an Email Account in Mac Mail

Email Account Configuration

User name:Your COMPLETE email address
Server type:POP3/SMTP
SMTP port number:587
POP3 port number:995
Server name:SERVER.12pointdesign.com
(replace SERVER with your server win or nix)
Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
Do not use SPA (Secure Password Authentication)

To edit an existing email account in Mac Mail, follow the steps below. This is most often necessary when it was originally setup incorrectly.

  1. Open Mac Mail and then click Mail, Preferences.

    Mail, Preferences
  2. Select the Account tab in Preferences window. Select the email account from the menu on the left. Within the Account Information section, ensure that your Incoming Mail Server is the one provided to you (usually this is mail.example.com where example.com is your domain). Your User Name is your complete email address. Enter your password with the appropriate field. Now click on the Server Settings... button.

    Account Preferences
  3. In the popup, change the Server port from 25 to 587. Ensure that Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is unchecked and that Authentication is set to Password. Enter your complete email address as the User Name and provide your password to the appropriate field. Click OK.

    Server Settings
  4. Back at the Accounts list, click the Advanced tab. Now ensure the Port is 110. Ensure that Use SSL is unchecked and that Authentication is set to Password. Optionally, check the box to Remove copy from server after retrieving a message. This option ensures that once you've received a message within Mac Mail it is removed from the mail server, freeing up the space that message occupies for future email.

    Accounts, Advanced Tab
  5. When you close the window you will be prompted to Save Changes. Be sure to click Save or all of your changes will be lost!

    Save Changes