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Configuring an FTP Account in Filezilla

FTP Account Configuration

User name:Your ftp account username
Password:Your ftp password
Server name:ftp.example.com
(replace example.com with your domain)
Remote Directory:/httpdocs/
"Passive mode" enabled

To configure an FTP account in Filezilla, follow the steps below. This is necessary when in order to upload files to your 12PointDesign account.

  1. With Filezilla open, open the File menu, and select Site Manager

    Filezilla - File menu, Site Manager
  2. Click New Site

    Filezilla - Click 'New Site'
  3. Type the name of your site. This is what you'll see in the quicklaunch later on, so make sure it identifies the correct site.

    Filezilla - Site name
  4. On the General tab, you'll set the most important settings.

    Filezilla - 'General' Site Manager settings
    1. Select the General tab.
    2. Within the Host box, enter the FTP domain, which will be something like ftp.example.com where example.com is your domain name. Ensure that the Servertype is set to FTP.
    3. Set the authentication information. First, select that the Logontype is Normal. Next, enter your FTP User name and Password within the appropriate boxes.
  5. On the Advanced tab, you'll set the path-related settings, and optionally the timezone offset.

    Filezilla - 'Advanced' Site Manager settings
    1. Select the Advanced tab.
    2. Set the Local Directory. This is where the website files are stored on your own computer. Next set the Remote Directory, which should be /httpdocs/.
    3. Optionally, you can set the Timezone offset. If you're in Pacific Time, leave this as zero, otherwise you can set it as the hour offset from Pacific (GMT-8) in order to enable time-based synchronization.
  6. On the Transfer settings tab, you'll set up the transfer mode and connection options.

    Filezilla - 'Transfer settings' tab within Site Manager settings
    1. Select the Transfer settings tab.
    2. Leave the transfer mode as its default (Default), then check the box to limit the number of simultaneous connection, and set the Maximum number of connections to two. Our servers are setup to detect abuse and will throttle attempts to abuse unreasonable numbers of TCP/IP connections.
  7. The Charset tab is used to ensure file names are compatible with the server filesystem, and your HTML.

    Filezilla - 'Charset' tab Site Manager settings
    1. Select the Charset tab.
    2. Select the option to Autodetect the character set.
    3. Click OK to close the Site Manager window.
  8. Login to your site. Click the quicklaunch button (the arrow portion of this button), then select your site from the list to connect

    Filezilla - login to your FTP account
  9. You're done! Congratulations!

    Filezilla - logged into your account
  10. To copy files from your computer to the server, simply drag & drop: